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This is the topic for today:

I'm a young man who has been married for barely a year now. In the course of dating my wife, I realised that my mother-in-law was always quick to let her daughter do her bidding no matter who or what was involved.

At the time, I couldn't say much because it was a mother-daughter affair.
Fast forward, I'm now married to this young beautiful lady, I adore and cherish so much but my mother-in-law's actions and demands over my wife is giving me a lot concern.

I love my wife to dress in a certain way, and we both agree that it's suits her very well and I must say, I struggle to keep my eyes of her.
The issue is that my mother-in-law has an issue with it and without regard to me the husband, always wants to have her way with my wife by instructing her to dress the way she seems fit.

For example, I love to see my wife in short hair. My mother-in-law on the other hand insists that with the shape of my wife's head (don't really know what shape she's seeing) my wife should never keep a short hair and that she's is my wife's mother and the only person who can tell her in the face what does not look good on her. Prophet's Wife, everyone who sees my wife in her short hair loves and admires it and people even comment that she should never keep a long hair. 1920s evening dresses for sale

My mother-in-law meanwhile says it's a no-no. Even when my wife told her that this is what my husband loves and we both want it as part of my dressing and branding, she still insists that she does not want to see my wife keeping short hair ever again.

As a husband, I think it's about time I have a discussion with my mother-in-law about this issue knowing that prior to our marriage she was one who spoke about the fact that we should build our house with minimal external influence from inlaws.

Prophet's Wife, I would like to ask yourself and your team, do you think I should have a discussion with my mother-in-law concerning this issue? How do I deal with this issue without my mother-in-law feeling disrespected by her daughter or me. Generally, how best can we deal with inlaws