5th grade graduation dresses

I didn't take any pictures yesterday. I didn't record any videos. We finished decorating in the morning. Melissa and her wonderful friends and soon to be new family and I had a great time getting our hair and make-up done at her house while the "boys" got ready at my house. We had the flurry of boutonnieres and bouquets. The beautiful walks of the pairings of bridesmaids and groomsmen, dressed in red wine burgundy, blush pink and charcoal gray. My daughter escorted by he ... r brothers, all with a touch of the color purple in honor and in memory of their father. I cried. Surrounded by family and friends on both sides, Melissa and Joe vowed to love, honor and cherish one other, with Melissa's Uncle Bob officiating. Their radiant smiles. Photos taken with love in the beautiful garden setting by Shirley Atencio. The parents of the bride and groom, the wedding party and Melissa and Joe being announced and entering the reception, dancing. I sat with three of my best girlfriends and ate a wonderful meal prepared by Melissa's Aunt Toni. We watched my children, my grandchildren, Joe's family, Melissa's family, and friends of all laugh, love each other and celebrate this wonderful union of two people who are the best of friends and lovers in the true sense of the word. Joe looks at my girl with love, adoration and respect at all times. As Deric said, he is the man we have all hoped she would find. I love him so very much and welcome him wholeheartedly into our family. She glows in that love and the love she has for him shines in her smile. The memories I have in my mind's eye and the joy I have in my heart today will stay forevermore. 5th grade graduation dresses

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