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You don't have to torture me for information. I have a blood blister inside my left cheek, facing out from myself, from just eating Albertson's Plain potato chips with Ranch Buttermilk dressing and barbecue sauce with Kit Kats around the sequence and sprinkled on top, just to check food association reactions. The test caused the blood blister inside my mouth. My father, Bill Sliter, took Kit Kats hunting with him up north near Old Forge with my Uncle Paul. My grandfather ... lost weight easily and drank buttermilk for extra calories, but he smoked, too. The barbecue of barbeque sauce fame is associated with barbeque pits at Fair Haven Beach State Park. Dad would also enjoy mentioning murder scenes depicting neighborhood family members thrown in barbecue pits as a method of hiding a crime or enjoying doing it. Dad enjoyed souring dreamy meanings associated with food and pointed to the crimes it caused, instead. That is what happened. Then I ate a donated rice and meat dish from a man in a silver car who just offered it to me. It was half-eaten but I used his fork, anyway, and it had an ethereal effect. That food sample could have an integral function related to the other substances I ate, all home-associated. Dress Affordable long sleeve wears in white

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