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In order to attract or recognize what you're asking for, you'll have to move yourself into the vibration of a lovely, spiritual, conscious, intelligent, driven, ambitious King or Queen! .. Oftentimes, people will proclaim that they're looking for great qualities in a partner, while not even working on their own personal development to become a vibrational match for what they seek. I'm guilty of this and based upon my personal observations, I believe that the vast majority of American society is as well. We post paragraphs, memes, slogans, phrases and such on our social networks so that people will read them and view us a certain way, but if you put a spotlight on us, watching our everyday conduct, habits and manners in which we address and treat others, you'll see us fall significantly short of the pictures that we paint about ourselves with our words. How many times have you heard someone say "I'm the nicest person you'll ever meet", or "I'm the most honest person you'll ever meet", or one of the other many proclamations of altruism and virtue that people make about themselves? .. Well go ahead and shine that spotlight again and you'll notice that most people exercise such qualities only when it comes to their interactions with friends, family, people who hold a certain degree of social status, people that they find very physically appealing, and people that they might be able to gain something of monetary value from. .. We live in a land of illusions!!.. With our words and external expressions we create ILLUSIONS based on how we'd like to be perceived, while spending very little to no time actually working on BECOMING what we proclaim, starting from the energy that we entertain, how we view ourselves and the world, the types of music we listen to, shows we watch, activities we participate in, language we speak, and other things we give our attention to. .. The human race seems to be all about a game that we've all been brainwashed to play and nobody's winning. Nobody is the prettiest or the most handsome or the wealthiest or the most entertaining and nobody will ever be, but everyone's constantly striving to become these things, while the population gets increasingly more ignorant, dismissive, careless, vapid, and intellectually, emotionally & spiritually zombiefied... Most people will get all excited about Game Of Thrones, Empire, Reality Shows, football, basketball and all types of other sports and entertainments , completely oblivious of the fact that it's all intentional distractions and perception programing machinations.. On top of that, if someone tries to enlighten them or encourage them to question things, think independently and critically, do a little research, or anything that they've been programmed to consider as boring, then they'll ridicule the messenger... And when they DO want to be informed about something, they'll just subscribe to the most popular or best sounding opinion, rather than arriving at a conclusion based upon their own logic, common sense and delving into a subject. ..So the answer to the question (((WHERE ARE THE LOVELY ,SPIRITUAL ,INTELLIGENT ,DRIVEN ,CONSCIOUS , AMBITIOUS KINGS AND QUEENS))) is as follows ::::... They're EVERYWHERE you go, inside of every person, but we're distracted, mislead, dumbed down, and poisoned that we can't even SEE or even FUNCTION AS such... All week, you're working 8 to 12 hours a day, just to get home and tend your your household duties and other responsibilities, hoping for the weekend to hurry and get here so you can "unwind and have fun", and for most Americans that "fun" consists of getting all dressed up to go somewhere and get drunk and/or high and dance to music that was intentionally designed to lower your vibration/frequency ...Here's a question.. How much time and money is spent on shopping, cosmetics, weed, drugs, alcohol, sports events, watching tv and infantile/meaningless YouTube videos, selfies and things of that nature????.... Follow up question... How much time and money is spent on independent research, intellectually stimulating conversation, personal development, lending others a helping hand, spiritual exercise and things of that nature??.. I already know that the latter falls significantly short of the former..... Just like when people tell their children to go sit and watch TV so that they can be quiet and entertained while the parents take care of what need to do, our American government is doing the EXACT same thing to its citizens. While they're planning and sculpting the destiny of the masses, they're having us sit and watch and participate in their entertainments to keep us distracted... Forget the makeup, forget the flashy clothes, forget the stupid reality shows, celebrities, sports, meaningless YouTube videos, and ALL other entertainments at least once in a while, and focus solely upon acquiring knowledge, wisdom, discernment and things of that nature, by eating healthier, meditation, drinking more water, listening to and watching movies and music that only has positive/conscious messages, not getting drunk or high, getting more exercise, being alone with your thoughts, questioning your thoughts and the information that's presented to you by others, paying attention to your breathing and making it more slow, deep and deliberate, and PRACTICING all of the things that you "preach" about on your various social networks.... Oftentimes when I write music or post content such as this, I'm talking to MYSELF just as much as to my audience, and this is one of those times, for I am not exempt.... Anyway, much love to all. Peace! DressAfford 1930s vintage inspire wedding items