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So, I was about to go to bed but I came across a video of a black mum disciplining her child with a belt after she found out that he stole from a shop. She grabbed the boy by the collar, frog marched him back to the shop like the little imbecile that he is and whooped his ass in front of every body. Then she asked him to apologize.
And white people are pissed as fuck. They think that's humiliating and embarrassing and wrong because it's physical abuse. Now look. That woman do ... ne carry your stupid ass for 9 months, she bathed you, cleaned you up, clothed you and dressed you. Heck she even paid your fees so you can make something of yourself. And you pay it back by going to steal from small shops? See, truancy is a definite stage at teenage hood. But you do it knowing that you could get caught and get your ass beat. Or skinned alive. If you have the same mum as I do.
There's this thing about fake empowering. Where you pretend to be empowering people but in essence you are just setting things up for destruction.
The next thing, that boy will start robbing and the same people who were against his disciplining at an early age will call cops on him, call him a thug, and ask for his execution. It's a classic strategy. It really is. You destroy a building from its foundations. Make the kids think that they have all the rights in the world. That they can do anything and get away with it. Because physical punishment is abuse and humiliation. Then wait for them. To destroy themselves and use the law against them. Two Piece Prom Dresses 2020
'Talk to them instead of beating them.'
Well, sometimes the only language that kids understand is A good old thorough beating.
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