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Parenting before the children

First: Rigidity and severity:
The scholars of education and psychologists consider this method to be the most dangerous thing for a child if he is used a lot ... Valhzm is required in the situations that require it, .. The violence and rigidity increase the complexity of the problem and exacerbate; where the educator breached his right and forget the dream and the capacity of the chest Vnhal the child and his father The worst and worst words, and it may get worse if the violence and rigidity hit ...
This is what happens in the case of emotional punishment of the child who loses the child feeling safe and self-confidence and strictness and intensity makes the child afraid and respect the breeder at the time of the problem only (temporary fear), but does not prevent the recurrence of behavior in the future.

Adults may explain their cruelty to their children as trying to push them into ideal behavior, treatment, and study. But this cruelty may result in a reaction that the child refuses to study, fails to assume responsibilities or suffers from a kind of malaise, and will absorb the harshness of the adult nervous emotions, It appears in the future through symptoms (neurosis), which results from emotional conflict within the child ..

This conflict may lead to repression, misdeed, aggression towards others, or severe outbursts of anger that may occur for seemingly trivial reasons.

Second: Greater demonstration and tolerance:
This approach is no less dangerous than cruelty and cruelty. Excessive care and procreation will make the child unable to form successful social relationships with others, take responsibility and face life ... because he has not had enough experience to learn how to cope with the events he may face ... and we do not mean that the parents lose sympathy with the child and his mercy, and this can not happen because their hearts are broken on the love of their children and rooted in innate patriarchal feelings to protect him, and compassion for him and compassion for him and attention to his order ... But this emotion sometimes become a reason to destroy the children, Where the parents deal with the child in exchange This is what they find in their small environment (home), but if they grow up and go out into their large environment (society) and face laws and regulations that prevent them from committing certain behaviors , He rose in her face and may disagree with indifference ... in contrast to the negative consequences of his violation of the wall. Vera Wang style wedding collections for rent price

We do not demand that the parents take away compassion from their hearts. On the contrary, compassion is required, but in a balanced and cautious manner. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "It is not among us who did not have mercy on our youth and knows the truth of our greatness." Should not the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) be like us?

Third: The lack of consistency in treatment:

The child needs to know what is expected of him, so the adults should put simple regulations and logical rules and explain them to the child, and when he is convinced it will be easy to follow ... The regulations must be reviewed with the child every period and discussed, we should not be lenient in implementing the law And then we return the next day to emphasize the need to apply the same law because this behavior may cause confusion to the child and makes it unable to determine what is acceptable and what is unacceptable and in some cases the mother is constant at all times while the father is the opposite, and this fluctuation and difference between Parents makes the child falls under the pressure of myself u Didd pays him to make a mistake.

Fourthly: The lack of justice between the brothers:

Sometimes adults deal with brothers unjustly, preferring a child to a child, his intelligence or beauty or his innate creation, or because he mentioned, which instills in the same child a sense of jealousy towards his brothers, and expresses this jealousy of sinful and aggressive behavior towards the spoiled brother The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) warned us, "Peace be upon you, fear Allah and be right in your children.