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helping chris, yes that is going to be a long time, good thing in front (helping chris) the thing (and you know what post if you got my mssage in the small messenger or big on facebook) what iddnt work when I tried to select it with the mouse, my pad on laptop- and it didn't copy and paste, I made first caringly the type and prepaired it by clicking the right mouse button and then (to release it I mean the left mouse button) and why erase but but but (I like big butts and I can not lie) ok here it didn't work cause I promise and swear I put it in your (and some Saudi Arabians are posting to me dung dung- I write here so sweetly) well I don't answer so far but 1 persons bost, a welcome back and it doesn't tell me when she posts, the thing is broken that is why it took me so llong- dung dung and 11 hours I took writing facebook to try to fix it. They explain, and this is classified, ' some fixes sent in for fixing on facebook aren't able to tell you back if they fixed the proflem" that is how long it took, I got the hang of it- some do not work until thye come back on again and watch it watch it be careful be careful and it will work some, like tis. Itype at 1 mile per hour like and she types at 50 to 60 wps, oops wpm it happened again me to be funny- like a funny car house. . Lets buy a house you and me Nermin (and caustion caustion what if the dealer, the seller is all hot or gorgeous and single and wants to do one of those sex deals or get hooked on your mind sort, Oh no that hpappend again erase your mind, a American phrase "vanish that thought" came popped into my mid, and its thought force.. I had someone 4 years ago she had a golden table ting in her house all solid gold, in 3 days she picked out a castle and wanted em to live with her, it was kind of like on the end of this street, it looked like a 8 bedroom castle and watch out it maybe El Vira, I told my mom about Nshe proet and she agreed yeah yeah, not yes, and it is ok, but I told here abou the married - and don't you go around doing it, stealing my idea and getting with a man, it happens to some,,, I told my mom that if I was on a cruise line somewhere in the next 5 years and a woman says "yeah theres a court, at the next stop lets get married, " and I think, wll we didn't even tal about anything but thang out time, relaxing together or over some drinks and some taling on a cruise where we became friends. Yes yes I should say but first I want to spend a few days to find out if she is some psycho or someone who is totally mentally disturbed, or one of those killer criminals, type you know the type that tae you for all you got, and shush, someone in public part of facebook maybe really reawlly listening with some guy/sshe likes to gt marrited making pointers, i mean taking dr j style pointers here by my shots and hopes and rebounds. Nermin listen listen listen I am not like tha tand neither are you to go do that, and take my idea and go sane with a person you can if you get the chance be as close as you and I are, yeah right., hard - impossible we spend (as some andon another subeect th eavereage household that has 1 man 1 woman with a family working in a average house and that work 8 hours a day or more each, spend 1 hour together for 1 on 1 time, they say a lot, honey if i could get to know you again we could spend all that time togehter between our busy schedules). see they don't een know eachother anymore,,,, well we got a lot of time reading here dont you Neremin and what about the other time, I mean th eother part me getting to now you, its a method I use "psychology" its a tool for learning and what learn what come out What if you met somone on the desert part of saudia arabia sand and tal on the phone 1 time per week,, for saying hello and 2 hours of it,, that's all and some don't have that much time... let me get back to that piano, and I minded when I found out about the malfuntio, and you goto to have osme moey honey too like 5000 dollars no no maybe 2000 odllars we can "emergency spend on a sparing trip where if something happened, and well some disasterlike look at my web messenger compaint about the malfutioned, it ruined it became not a thing and I know know for sure forreal real it is not Nermin's fault and i hope and do as she should know (Nshe) should know that I know that hers malfuntioned made her "yee haa" mad like riding a out of control horse I would have pulled my gun, my perarl handed revolvr out and shot it holding trigger, the computer would have been blown away and I would have had my blac mask on riding throough the ting I called the marsh behind myhouse, right here in the medium size city, with cars going by all the way odwn the freeway to the head office on my horse, putlled the horse into a truck with horse feed and went to tell them with my horse they are full of shet let me see your computer and so I can see that your not looking at it in screen to screen file sharing claiming your trying to fix it fix it an dthen wiritng down the person information and saving it for your fake screen name so you can go home and ack off sing online and let me ride with my horse trigger iwth brown shet on its azz and all the way to your house on it since they get to use filt to file sharing and see mine when they fix, I think,,, anyway i mean blow their heads off but now you see I am still here and I was kidding all of this part is a joke against facebook the malfunction part tha tin a way if it did ruin it it ruined my whole future life,,,with Nshe Nremin,,,,,,,welll they say only I and you really really really can hold our temper and prepair for it, like some sort of at least "physically" we didn't gt hurt, and well if we don't gt the house/ houses we want then we may go through the same sort of thing like that... 4000 dollars and we try something new, amping or putting some bids on a house, maign offers through a computer and 1 out of 10 reply, well i got the compartment for us, and or unless we both go back kto Saudi arabia Egypti Style, I would and how hard hard it would be to wait for you if you had to go back to work, oh now, i would quit my ob an d(oops really really really quit my job and come here) when the time is right, normally when I quit I well at anytime I ust say "I don't mean to quit but I am not comig back to work tomorrow, sorry and thak you for the job, bye" and that is all and I nevr heard from them again............yeah easy,,,,,,,,,,,and I didn't en tal to hem at the boss level way way back them I had my own area, my own computer system and commputers and fax and all, a executive. puff puff its chew chew I got to be right back, its me finish the one about the table, well anyhow it didn't happen to her when she bot this caslte house, she said she bot it easily and (I hought I hope she didn't flirt with the guy) the broker/ seller was handsome, well I don't know about that she wasn't attracted to hime, then sham wham it happed i heard a voice like subliminal and it was him and her------weird haw-------well thas one of those commputers they got these days at the deparmtne of real estate in the USA its government, the guy a government agent and well it was her at the tim eto tell him"no I am not attacted to you I am sorry a computer come on and attract, and it sust about the house" well it happenend and lots 50 to 80 percent of my deals dont got that happening, or was it the other way around except for the 50 ,,, thas why I don't do it anymore.... like thedragster, now we got some rules not to do it.........we got eahother Nshe and we got facebook.Y e s!... and I got it and it works, some - sommtimes ybut you ust got to bee reawlwlyr eawwlly areful (but we got to be really really careful) see it the physics of it, brb Love c h r i s n s h e (see i did it) brb oh Nermin nermo if you don't wan to do it and to porove to the world, just take me off your friends list and read it read it, I will post on my nest post and on your facebook and how your no two faced dirty rotton beautiful and ugly well Goddess I tell you yeah you Nermin and it don't matter what your name is 100 perent maybe 99 pernt maybe sometimes 70 perent maybe 94 perent maybe 97 perent maybe 92 perent an oops perccnet, maybe 91 percent mayb e69 perent umm sexy that's you to me and maybe 2 perent the 2 percent on another subect, a ha ha, let me see if you gt it and I will throw it all away for you if I must, too,,, Chris Ericskon (the one LOVE the man) Godly Pretty Godly african american prom gowns

oh PS about the godln piano lady, I told her to fuk off I other words but she didn't comme back I mean I oust said "anythinggoing on between you and that guy the broker/ dealer of the house" an she said "no" and my mid got the better of me plus what if he did call again after it the deal was all closed and it was paid for, what if what if, so I mean I don't know if I would hav blown my brains out or what,, ,madda fuka- I aint like that normally, gangster and wtf again wtf may mean world trade enter or that what the fuk, you know wtf, it may mean"what in the world" no what in the world is some sort of confusing and or wide band ofit, do you want a wedding band or not, its a ring is all, too (an dsee is all wide array) 1m brb Chris Nsh