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~Unpopular Opinion

This one might get me in trouble....I have a big problem with being expected to be on board with everything "queer." Maybe it's just me, but I feel like Black gays get double taxed for 1. being a minority and discriminated against, and 2. being gay and discriminated against even from within, and because of THAT, we are expected to rally behind all things queer. NAW....and like I get it's a hair thin line between apathy and just being un-involved, but where I stand with it is that I just try to treat people right and not get in the of way of said groups progress.

Like for example this trans stuff. I'm REALLY not here nor there with it; I'm really not. And let's just be fair, sometimes trans folks be doin a WHOLE ok, you were born a woman, but feel you were supposed to be a man, so you get the changes, so now you date men, as a man, but then you get pregnant as a man, and you're breastfeeding the baby as a man with your a whole phukn lot to digest! And if you're not immediately with it, then you are labeled as transphobic, and I'm not really with that. Like, that's asking a lot, and when it's not immediately given, then you're exhibiting "hate." I don't hate anyone. Do you. Be happy. I'll never impede your progress or get in your way because I'm all the way over here...mindin my business.

I DO feel some aspects of the human condition ARE natural. People been gay and trans since people been on planet Earth regardless of what some niggehz who went to prison for murder tell you. BUUUUUUUTTT, I also feel that some of these conditions aren't NORMAL, in that they occur as often or are as prevalent as other conditions. Being gay is a natural occurrence, but it's not normal, and I DO think there is something wrong when we try to force things that aren't normal into being normal. was cute in college when it was a handful of gay dudes on campus, and the shit was real subversive, unseen to the untrained eye. You had your fun and nobody ever knew or was privy to it. That was hot. But now, half the damn campus gay, and that's not cute to me. And the fact that I'm not with THAT means I have some internal unresolved issues??? Naw...I'm just not with it. Am I making sense? ball gown style items with train to wear of the wedding