black and gold colored items to wear for prom occasions

Good morning FB friends and supporters,

# Inspiration is on my mind this morning and inspiration breeds inspiration so I just wanted to share a few words that I hope will bless someone.

As I sit here at the airport thinking about where God has me, I think about how to continue to be a ligtht for him. I'm headed to St.Louis to resume my VO Workshop Tour which started in Harrisburg a couple of weeks ago. It's an exhaustive tour this year that will be take me into San Francisco, ... Missoula, Montana (before a vacation in Billings, Montana) then into Seattle, Portland, Anchorage,Alaska, Providence, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Asheville,North Carolina, Atlanta and finally New York City. In between all of this will be my weekly teaching sessions at Little Rock Studios in Ventnor. I have an important annoucnement about this to make. I'm heavily involved in the founding of a new African-American theater company in Harrisburg, PA and set to direct "The Amen Corner" back home for 7 weeks between November and mid December...not to mention my private student sessions across the nation (a few I'm looking forward to meeting for the first time) along a new single this fall and prep for my work in Father Comes Home from the War this winter. And I was supposed to be on hiatus. God sure laughs at our plans. black and gold colored items to wear for prom occasions

1) Little Rock Studios is giving away one scholarship to someone who has an interest in one of their classes that may be challenged financially at the time. I have the ability to begin taking applicants for this scholarships. Again, please be mindful that this will be based on need. Should you wish to apply please let me know below or inbox me.
2) PLEASANTVILLE HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1997, 2017 will mark out 20 year and very first reunion. As your class president I believe the time is right. I am looking for my cabinet LOL to help put this together (and witb my schedule I will need a cabinet). If interested, please also let me know below or inbox me.

Have a great weekend everyone. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Peace and love.

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