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"The Proposition"
He walked in dressed like a detective, as far as my eyes could see. I had a feeling this was a lot deeper than I suspected, and how I projected the outcome to be. He had a proposition with an objective that he laid out in front of me. He said it might take some submission to the opposition and test my perspective faithfully. He said he needed a mind like mine, that was gifted, to add to his secret team. At this point in my life I was a little hungry, feeling desperate and my vision was cloudy from the weed.
So I took a ride with him to hear the details of this subjective, felonious deed. They say D'evil is in the details but check this, I know I'm able to choose my own creed.
He told me that I would acquire everything that I wished for, even in my wildest dreams. Then he spoke of visions of extravagant, exceptional and lavish material things. I looked at him and told him that I'm a humble man and those things arent my type of speed. I said to him " I like to cruise, chucked the deuce and I have a preference to remain free. Free from pain, free from scars, free from bars, but before I leave this car... Can you tell me who the fuck you really are? He took his glasses off and with glowing red eyes said... "I AM the master of illusions and I'm choosing. You won't stray far. Make a decision by Christmas or you're dead.... " Snippet of Eli's Journal cheap red prom dresses
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