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The manner at which the society judges you on the moot court of moral rectitude, it leaves one to wonder where these stories of immorality oozing out from every corner emanates from. Most of the bashes a lady receives most times comes from her fellow ladies.

Hello Mrs ITooKnow, may i remind you that your standard of leading an exemplary and pious life is clearly in the Bible and other notable holy books. That girl next door is not your problem, neither is her lifestyle and way of life your yardstick.

Rather than castigate and pull her down, find some beauty in her decisions as a woman for there lies her strength. You may not even know her from your vantage point. She is not rebelling against the anachronistic morality of her parents. No! That you find her dressing and perception contrary to yours does not make you any better nor your virgina more elastic. cheap white formal dresses

Quite these 'PULL-HER-DOWN SYNDROME'. When she is down, you are down because the womanhood is down. Your specie is down! There is no joy in that unless you are a sadist.