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TO KNOW SOME LEGAL MATTER. ....To organize a fraternity or any organization is constitutional right according to our LAW..But in 1995 Anti Hazing Law was created..
What is anti Hazing's a law to protect all Member against any hazing which will be resulted to death. ..all involved in the participation of all menber for the death of a certain menber there must be witness to prove beyond reasonable doubt..But in the court trial there must be a substantial evidence to prov chic wedding selections with ruffle or ruching ... e the participation of all person of interest..But in our law during the trial there is always a PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENT..unless in the promulgation of the case your consider Guilty....
The those who will proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt MAXIMUM PENALTY IS RECLUSSION PERPETUA( life imprisonment)

Retiress in the Navy Ex investigator fleet Provost Marshall PN
Eligible Police officer third class NAPOLCOM

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