extra sized wearing in formal situation

Yay! Some Kaiser doctors now prescribe weight loss medication, and I am going to speak with them about phentermine and Topomax and/or using Wellbutrin combined with this other medication.

The only trouble is, as I recollect, the last time I had Wellbutrin, i didn't sleep for 8 years. Then, when I had Topomax, (I believe that's the medication I was on), I had to call to get directions home because it does something with one's memory.

I am hoping a lower dosage will assis ... t in what i want to achieve and not affect my sleep or memory.

All will probably be okay as long as I don't start walking in my sleep. Gads. There's nothing like waking up and finding those pesky street pebbles embedded in your toes or your feet bleeding. Then, of course, there's the problem of the authorities having to find you in order to bring you home. extra sized wearing in formal situation

Again, all will be well. I am sure there is some nice new combination of meds that will be of assistance as I continue working on the weight issue.

I am hopeful.

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