golden color with sequin of the garments

Inspired by today's word,I kess pen down these words......ladies love is not smooching by the wall like agama lizard,neither is it kissing 360 degrees or getting 10rounds or being fingered and licked ......herrrr madam who said that is love......the initiator of love said its kind,patience,long suffering,not jealous,doesn't behave indecently.....and the others why do we sex include or value sex as an act of love......if u go to your boyfriends house on an empty stomach and u tell him about it and he ignores u and gives u 10 rounds on that empty stomach so u can barely walk or even see cos u feeling dizzy to ur house is dat kindness,is dat love.......let us grow my dearies,let us behave and act as adults and not babies...Wai so we meet men and not babies golden color with sequin of the garments # words #