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The Lord Is My Banner

Exodus 17

Many times I have seen people excitedly announcing the birth of their new born with balloons and banners. I've seen banners waving for the homecoming of their son or daughter home from war. We see banners waving advertising the great deal on a new car or a product a store has. Banners waving are integrated throughout our culture.


The Bible says in Exodus 17:15 Jehovah Nissi which means the Lord is my banner. What did God mean by this? Chapter 17 starts out with the Israelites thirsty and complaining to each other and to Moses. Moses got weary of hearing the complaining. So he went to the Lord and was told to take his rod and strike the rock the water miraculously poured forth. Moses said they tempted the Lord saying, "Is the Lord with us or not." Before we look disgustedly at the Israelites, have we ever gotten desperate for the Lord to move in our time frame and complained to God or others saying, "When is God going to move in my situation?" I'm guilty of whining and complaining to God. God in His mercy gave them water because He loved them. I wonder what would have happened if they would have encouraged each other and trusted God even though there was no water. What would have happened in my situation if I would have learned at my first testing that I could trust God. Needless to say I slowly learned to trust God no matter what.

We continue on in chapter 17 the Amalekites were at war with the Israelites. Moses told Joshua to get some men and Moses would lift his arm with the rod. When the rod was lifted they were winning the war. He got tired his legs were weary and his arms got heavy.

Have you ever been in a spiritual battle and just plain got tired physically? It can be draining, emotionally it can be draining, psychologically it can be draining, cognitively it can be draining, even spiritually it can be draining. What do we do? How did we handle it? Do we run or back off? How did Moses handle it when his strength was gone. Aaron and Hur were there with Moses. They moved a stone, large enough for Moses to sit on and the each of them held up Moses's arms until the sun went down. Joshua won the battle. The Lord told Moses to write down that He would fight the battle and totally obliderate the enemy. He is Jehovah Nissi which means He is my banner. No matter what battles we are fighting He is our banner. He loves us and at the cross He totally defeated the enemy. When He rose again He defeated the enemy completely. In John 15 we read He is the vine we are the branches. We abide in the vine. Now God has a pruning process. The more we abide in Him and allow Him to prune us, we will bear more fruit. He prunes us and fights our battles as we abide in Him. vmb grey and sliver items for cocktail party

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