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I am stepping in and I'm ending this.
Also the original MSG Amy sent you was a private reply after you asked if she had a problem. But you took 6 months to reply and showed / told everybody to try get people on your side before doing so.
Seems as you want everybody to know I'm going to save you the trouble and post this publicly for you.
Your endless lying and shit causing is pissing me off.
You are acting like the innocent victim and twisting all the facts to try make yourself not look like the bitch.

"We picked those dresses whilst Dave did have a job and when i asked what your budget was you gave me a figure of $280"
For starters i was unemployed when the dresses where bought. And not only just barely, by over a month! This is fact and easily provable with my separation certificate dates, My last day was the 30th of September, The dress shopping was 17th of November. And also there was a protest in the store at the price, but she went along with it to keep you happy and the others like the dresses. Also you keep telling people (Yes people tell Amy all the crap you spread) you went multiple times to look at dresses. You went ONCE and bought the dresses at that one and ONLY store you guys visited. Stop telling people this was over several visits. Also, I Don't know where the $280 came from? The number was $150. That's is it, If it was $280 and ended up being in the $300s you think it would of been a problem, of course not, but $150 to $300s is a fucken huge difference. So stop spreading shit it was $280 coz it most definatly was not!. Plus i would also like to point out the dress was originally $330 but ended up being $234 ! so if it was "$280" and why would there be a problem as the dress were nearly $50 cheaper than your imaginary number. latest fashionable evening party wears

"As for getting grants, extensions and holds we were only told these things after our wedding as every time Barry asked Dave how you were going he told us you had it all sorted."
You knew we were broke (And when we said broke we meant broke). I always said we were ok to Barry because i didn't want everyone to know i was fighting bankruptcy and i didn't feel like telling the whole world!!

"I'm sorry if you felt like i was making it a competition i didn't think i was. If anything i said to Barry a few times you were"
So full of shit, For starters we were doing it cheap as we we FUCKEN POOR, The only time Amy told you prices is because you ASKED. I had mentioned prices a million times to Barry and yourself because i was excited that we found a options that fit a NEGATIVE bank balance. And the only times I ( THAT'S ME) was telling you to look at other options is when you were looking and complaining about prices and i was telling you how cheap other places were and you guys should consider cheaper places. But you really liked the place you found and you found the money for it so all was good, I never said any more about it. Most of this was ME and to My best mate BARRY as we always throw ideas at each other.

"As you had to keep telling me how much cheaper you were paying for things. "
Keep telling you?, She only told you when you ASKED.

"And i NEVER compared my wedding to yours"
Several times you did with sly comments but the one that not only pissed Amy and Myself but alot of our guests that witnessed it was during the wedding. People were dancing and laughing and having fun, You stood right next to Amy, Screwed up your face and Said out loud "MY wedding was funnier" Really.. that's what you said to Amy, On her wedding day, TO HER FACE. And you wonder why she thinks you are comparing weddings.

And that was after your homophobic lecture you had given to my friends and family while we were getting our photos taken. What makes you think its ok to tell my Friends who are like family to me of 15 years that gays should get there own thing as weddings are for Christian / religious reasons. If that's the case your not religious, I'm not religious, Does that mean our weddings are not real. Well you can shove that up your fucken ass. I love Amy and wanted it made legal in front of our family and friends. And if my Gay friends want to get married you can just keep you opinion to your fucken self. The people you gave a lecture to are some of the nicest caring people i know and have been together longer than you have even known Barry so i think they know a thing or two about commitment. Have you had a chance to give the same lecture to some of your other gay friends, Like Frances?

"Thankyou for ruining my wedding photos for me as now when i look at them all i think of is how difficult it must have been for you to fake the enjoyment of being apart of it all.":
Really, Trying to guilt trip Amy into feeling bad, Grow the fuck up and its not going to work. The only difficulty was the 40c day wedding with no aircon. But we still had a blast. We had fun, joked around and got drunk. Causing no problems. However at our wedding your were rude to our guests, Pushed fucked up out dated views on others and openly and loudly compared weddings via sly remarks to guests and AMY. So who is the one causing problems. If you choose to believe the fucked up twisted version of events you have got in your head well that's your problem.

So grow the fuck up, Fix this and stop twisting facts.
Also you been telling people you have not had a chance to talk in person to her, you guys have hung out several times since the original MSG but you coward out and never said anything to her face.
Anyone who would like to see the original MSG that was sent to Rochelle or the attack she EVENTUALLY got back feel free to ask and i can send them to you.
I am not putting up with your shit and never have. I'm not going anywhere and you can feel free to make this as awkward as you want. But no hair off my chest.
I have a shit load more to say but I'm going to leave it here.

So you can apologize to my friends you were so fucken rude to at OUR wedding.
You can stop Talking Shit.
You can apologies to US for the bullshit explained above.
You wonder why nobody likes you but you talk endless shit behind their backs.
Try being a nice person, I have seen the nice person you can be, And I'm not talking about the fake one you do, The real one and people will want to hang out more.
I know you are pregnant and this will be affecting your hormones but your behavior is unacceptable and this attack on my wife WILL END NOW!