mint green colored dress for party usage

Photo from Janet Siler Mitchum who comments: "I think I was 14 when Robert and Lois (McMullin) Maggard built the Pleasant Plains Dairy Bar (1965). Wow - what an event! There was no place in Pleasant Plains for the youth to congregate except school and ballgames. I remember sitting on the picnic table at my house on a summer night, not far from the dairy bar, listening to "Wild Thing" on the jukebox. They even had pinball machines. What a happening place! Until, the neighbors complained about the loud music - that was the end of the jukebox. Those were the days there was no dancing at the senior prom. (I can't remember if it had something to do with hell, seems it did.) We all dressed up and went to a restaurant to eat. That was the senior prom. Southside, our neighboring school, was more liberal. They actually got to dress up and go out and eat and then have a dance at the gym with a band. What a happening." mint green colored dress for party usage