modern evening dresses

when we were kids,our best cloth are meant for church,you dress neatly and decently but this modern day mummies,the way mothers dress their children to church keep me wondering....Are thy going for Birthday party,Beach,Halloween or staying @home,they are appropriate clothes for every occasion that is why you see lots of ladies dressing indecently to church,Do u blame them?Their mothers didn't teach,imbibe the appropriate clothings to put on,you see a woman wearing her daughter outrageous Weavon at what age,Some even wear them very high heel shoes,Let a girl play out her age,They are process and stages in life,They will get there,You don't treat a 8yrs old child as a 18yrs old.pleases mother let be moderate in the way we dress our wards to church,Is a place of worship not disco. modern evening dresses