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GEOGRAPHIC TONGUE is a condition that gets its name from an annoying sore tongue that appears map-like in appearance on the surface of the tongue. A medical name for this condition is BENIGN MIGRATORY GLOSSITIS. It can be associated with small sores on the gums, lips or roof of the mouth. They can look like fever blisters.
Treatment can include antibiotics, mouth rinses, steroids, hydrogen peroxide and zinc supplements. These appear to have limited effect and the condition c ... omes and goes.
I recently had a patient who found that taking 500 mg of L-Lysine daily seemed to control the condition. She has been using this treatment for 5 years. To make the treatment more effective, I would suggest take probiotics and eat less foods that contain wheat (glutein). This treatment does not cure the condition but controls it. This condition acts like other viral infections. modest designed wedding garment in vintage style

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