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Interesting piece. I think it focuses to much on SUPPORTING what is known as vocal frying by giving us examples of people whose voices are naturally "crackly" rather than showing us examples of people whose voices have not progressed from the natural childhood habit of whining and complaining. They're actually constricting their breathing, presumably unconsciously, and therefore carry that child-like edge to their voice into teenage years and adulthood. Why many people find vocal frying is annoying is simple: nobody much wants to listen to a whiner or complainer (except other whiners and complainers) even if that person's words are positive and/or intelligent. As a person who's done voice-over work, I went to school for this and know the value of WHEN a crackle to your voice can be a valuable thing. However, an ongoing, sentence by sentence, day-in-day-out sound like this IS actually frying your voice, so it's not just a "voice WITH some frying" - it's a bad habit and an ongoing ruination of your voice. It does seem most prevalent in teenage girls and that's understandable, as sounding like each other does bring them together and give them a cultural identity and sense of belonging (imagine if a teenager had the habit of speaking in untrained Spanish while everyone else speaks English. They would immediately be outcast), but it's also a form of addiction that will forever make them sound less intelligent, or at least child-like, if not consciously improved IN those teenage years. This article would prove to be more legitimate if it focused less on accusing people of being anti-female, simply because those people want the best for a teenager's future. It could also use less examples of voices that are crackly and therefore appealing, and focused on the more obvious examples of vocal frying and recognize the long-term damage it does, both physically and emotionally, and how it conveys something negative (unconscious whining and complaining). It's simple: exhale when you speak and be conscious of when you CAN use utilize a vocal restriction (which creates the sound of vocal frying) to be a more effective speaker. Don't let vocal frying become your way of speaking, because, like it or not, male or female, you DO sound childlike and therefore less intelligent. off the rack wears for bridesmaid