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The Lord Has Your Back 7/28/17

I dreamed that my loved one and his wife were getting married again. We were in this huge church with stained glass windows and a large sanctuary. It had a room backstage with two doors leading to a long hallway off to the side and in front of sanctuary. My loved one was in fatigues and his wife was dressed like the 80's pop star Madonna, Like A Virgin video. I wished that she would wear a true wedding dress and that my loved one didn't need to wear fatigues but I let her make her own choices because she was going to do what she wanted no matter what.

I instructed them to start the wedding in the backstage room and both to come out of each door. The wife wouldn't do as I instructed and I got very frustrated and worried. The Bishop dressed that was marrying them was dressed in his bishop's robe came to my rescue with two other priests in their priestly robes. He told me don't worry I got this. Go sit down and enjoy the wedding. So I sat down and I look up and my loved one was out of his fatigues and in a prince charming attire, just like in Disney movie Cinderella, except his jacket was cadet blue. His wife came up the isle dressed in a Renaissance princess type wedding dress. It was offwhite with deep purple. petite ladies wedding wears

Then I got a call and went outside to receive it and I saw them setting up the reception outside. They were setting the tables and bringing the food out. It was rich food and exquisite decore.

Then I woke up. I know there's o uch more to the interpretation as the dream is rich in symbolism but I have to get to work but the Holy Spirit gave me this scripture.