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She knew that her family was somewhere above her.Wazivufamnisa uMary ukuthi usesiHogweni njengababantu wayebabona esihogweni and ethetha ngabo.It felt so strange to be able to see completely through her body.The worms had begun to crawl on her again.She could feel them crawling.Wakhala ngokoyika kwaye esezintlungwini.Lathi elidimoni,uYesu ukulahlile,okanye akunjalo? Ngoku wena ungumsebenzi kasatana ngoku."Evil laughter came from him as he picked up her form and placed her on top of something.She soon found out that she was on the back of the living-dead form of some kind of animal.The animal, like her,was dingy gray,full of filth and decaying,dead flesh.A horrible odor filled the dirty air.The animal took her high up on a ledge.She thought,o Lord,where are You? plus size modest bridesmaid dresses

They passed many souls crying out to be saved.She heard the loud sound of Hell's jaws opening and more souls fell past her.Izandla zakhe zazibotshelwe ngasemva.The pain was not constant it came suddenly and went away suddenly.She screamed each time the pains came and waited with dread when they subsided.Wacinga ukuba angaphuma njani? What is ahead? Is this the end? Ndenze ntoni ukuze ndibe ndifanelwe sisihogo? O NKOSI UPHI? She cried in pain.She cried,but no tears came-only dry sobs shook her body. The animal stopped in front of something.She looked up to see a beautiful room full of extravagant riches and shining jewels.In the center of this room was a beautiful woman dressed in queen's apparel.She wondered in her state of despair what this was.

She said,woman help me."She came close and spit in her form of face.She cursed Mary and said foul things to her.O Nkosi yintoni elandelayo?"Walila.An evil laugh came from her.Right before Mary's eyes the woman changed into a man,a cat,a horse,a snake,a art and young man.Whatever she chose to be,she was.She had great evil power.At the of her room was written "Queen of satan."