red wedding dresses

I can't believe that TWO YEARS AGO TODAY my beautiful bride said YES to marrying me!

I'll never forget that night. I was so nervous. Not only trying to make sure the night worked out the way I wanted (big thanks to everyone who helped), but I was so nervous to get down on one knee and ask. My whole world depended on that one word of her, "yes!"

Her hair was perfectly curled. The champagne dress fell perfectly on her beautiful self. Her make up done like a movie star on the ... red carpet. Her smile made my heart skip a beat. Her innocently thinking we were dressed up for a work event, but me hoping we were sharing our last meal as boyfriend/girlfriend. Everything that night was perfect, and I'm lucky that memory is forever burned into my brain. red wedding dresses

From that moment under the stars of a cool September night, I knew my life was complete. I knew I had found the one my soul was meant to be with forever!

I never would've thought 2 years later that we'd be so close to welcoming two babies into our family! It's been a crazy ride since that night, but it's only going to get better!!

Thank you for loving me. Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for being my one and only. Thank you for saying YES. I love you Ashley Nichole!

The video from that night is below! It still makes me smile so big when I watch it!

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