short sleeve wedding dresses

Mighty Mom in a short-sleeve dress in a snowbank, and Dad again with another pic of the Scowly Baby. Dec. 2, 1935 "Mon.--COLD--Helped Daddy cut the pig up tonite." 1936 "Wed.--Snowed on the mt. Went to Quil & saw 'The end of the Trail'. Dora & Marg rode home with us." 1938 "Fri.--Rained--Got a note from Dodee and answered it." 1942 "Wed.--Nice day.--L. & Daddy came after us. Got home about 4:30. Baby is so sweet & everone is so thrilled with her. She cried tonite." Poor Mom, been flat on her back in the hospital for 10 days with me stuck in the she's home with a crying baby! short sleeve wedding dresses