simple wedding outfits with lace

After looking closely at these photos from this one wedding and being horrified my the number of flaws I see in the attire, I'm going to put up some strict dress code guidelines for my wedding. simple wedding outfits with lace

Because I am inviting so few guests, I will physically go shopping with everyone who's invited and dictate what they will wear to the wedding.

If I see things like suits that are too tight, I'll make you buy a larger size.

Pants are too long, I will physically take them, cut off a few inches, and sow them shorter so they will fit.

Everyone must wear a similar type of outfit. No sleeveless and strapless dresses. No ties. Keep it all consistent. Black bowties.

No opening your jacket in photos. You can keep it closed for a few minutes.

On my invitations, I might list strict guidelines of what everyone has to wear. The attire is creative black tie. Creative in my way.