two piece formal dresses

It started with a prom - In pogradec - I went to the prom with a brown dress long beautiful dress - we went to Octapodi- was the place called and we did not had the habit that time to choose the partner before - so yrs 1992I danced with many boys but the only one I remeber was the guy who used to date my family neighbour Elda Prifti - we used to be very close the family of Aferdita and Jorgaq Prifti and The family of Lume and Gafer shyti so Elds me and Bona the daughter of Lume we went all the time out in summer time in evening, - So that Prom Erion the boyfriend of Elda asked to dance with me . We danced very silently- He was boring I never realized what interesting thing Elds saw in him like ever boring but for respect I danced the Prom did not went so good I was so happy to enjoy my lovely dress and I though the only beauty of Proms are how gorgeous you look in the stunning dress. - it went not so good because the light went off by 2:00 o'clock am so regretfully we went home early : So if in Prom Erion came to [email protected] come for Elda- in the room with judge Malloy Rosalind May 25-th 2005 Phila PA my hair were long enough that I could look like Elda but not Landa my cousin in Chicago so now it was like communicating with prom myths- Ok I am Elda - I am coming for @the one that you [email protected] -while consulting Dr. Bazilian Stanford the psychiatrist at care connection for 6 yrs from 2009 - 2014 he kept repeating everytime in our session how he regretfully during hoxha time went to Jugoslavia close border with Pogradec and they did not let him in to enter there - he regretted the fact so I kept assuring him that he did not loose anything. two piece formal dresses