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My high school prom night was epic. Not because prom Was good, i was 3 hours late but because once i got home from getting my hair slayed my mother had food catered cause i told her the crew was coming through to send me off. Once i got home there was Apriele Slawski , Beverly Carty and Yvonne Davis waiting to beat me and curse me out for waiting until the last minute to get ready. I took a quick.shower and the next thing i knew all three of them Was getting me dressed. Apriele was giving me a pedi and mani bev was putting me in my dress and yvonne was beating my face. Once i was ready they gave me dont get buck wild speech be a lady first and have fun then as i walked out my door each one huged me and gave spending money for the nigbt. You talk about being blessed. These are the memories ill always cherish wedding dresses for mature women
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