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Episode 45.
Fame J. Favour
On fateful day, the door of the room I was kept
hostage was opened with Snake coming inside with
some materials on his hand.
He threw them at me, I checked them and it was
the clothes I wore to my school graduation.
For days, I have lived my life as a confirmed Adam
cause I left naked through out those days I spent in
that room.
Snake: Those are your clothes.
James: I know and why are you bringing them to
me now?
Snake: Instructions from Miss. Jennifer.
James: Oh! I see.
Snake: Your phone and calculator are there also.
(Calculator? Which calculator is he talking about?)
James: Huh! Aren't you afraid that I will call cops.
Snake: (Chuckled) Don't worry about that cause
your sim card has already been broken.
James: Hmmm! Smart guys.
Snake: Okay then.(The thought of Lovely flashed to
my mind)
James: Please, is Lovely still alive?
Snake: (Confused) Who is Lovely?
James: The girl you guys kept hostage.
Snake: Oh! Not to worry, she is still alive.
James: (Sighed) Thank God.
Snake: And also..(cut short)
James: Also what?
Snake: She is going to be staying here with you
today. So stop asking questions and get dressed.
James: Okay but please don't be annoyed oh.
Snake: Annoyed about what?
James: I want to ask you another question, please.
Snake: Hmmm! Just one question ooh!
James: Yes.
Snake: Okay then.
James: Please, why did Jennifer instructed Lovely
to stay here?
Snake: Hmmm! To service you naa..
James: (Confused) Service?
Snake: Yes naa..
James: I don't understand.
Snake: "You nor understand that thing when you are
those girls dey do"
James: (Hissed)
Snake: "Cause they nor go dey always to dey
service you but guy, you dey enjoy ooh"
James: Please, that is enough.
Snake: "Nor be the true word be that?"
James: Please!
Snake: "Okay ooh.. Na you sabi"
He left leaving me all alone in the room. I quickly
stood up and started putting on my clothes.
Few minutes later, the door opened with me staring
at the door to know who was there.
To my greatest surprise, it was Snake and Lovely,
who was looking nice and refreshed but she was
putting on a frown face which made me sad.
After Lovely was fully inside the room, Snake left
and locked the door with me and Lovely staring at
each other eyes.
I was so short of word that I didn't know when I
started crying and pleading.
James: (Crying) I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to hurt
you. I'm really sorry.
Lovely: (Silent)
James: Please say something.
Lovely: Its not your fault.(Walking close to me)
James: No, it is my fault.
Lovely: No, you are wrong.
James: How?
Lovely: If you had refused to do it, we both will have wedding guest dresses for over 50
been dead by now. So, you did it to save my life and
James: (Sighed)
Lovely: I'm really grateful you did it and I own you
for that.
James: No, you own me nothing. Your virginity
which I took out of frustration is enough for me.
Lovely: It wasn't out of frustration cause I was
ready to give you willing if you had ask for it any
day but what pains me was the drug which was
used on me.(About to cry) I've never felt so high in
my life before.(Crying)
I quickly hugged her and I started petting her. She
rested her head on my chest as she cried heavily
with me patting her back gently.
During the time she was crying, something fell from
my body and hit the ground which made a loud
I was so curious to know what that was as I made
Lovely leave my chest in a nice way, then I look at
the object that fell from my body. To my greatest
surprise, it was the satellite phone my uncle gave
me as a gift.(So, this was what Snake was referring
to as calculator.) Then my mind flashed back as I
was having the mind to show my friends the phone
on that day I was kidnapped(Graduation day).
I was so happy that I almost screamed.
Lovely: (Confused) What's that?
James: (Happy) We are going to be free.
Lovely: How?
James: With this.(Showing her the phone)
Lovely: What's that?
James: Its a satellite phone my uncle bought for
Lovely: What is it used for?
James: To make call just like the mobile phone but
it doesn't use sim card or any mobile network and it
can be used anywhere.
Lovely: (Happy) That's great! Now, who are we
going to call?
James: Hmmm! I don't know.
Lovely: What about your parents phone number?
James: (Sad) I didn't memorized their phone
Lovely: Okay but your mobile phone is with you,
why not check your phone for their phone numbers.
James: Hmmm! I stored all the phone numbers on
my phonebook in my sim card and the sim card is
been damaged.
Lovely: OMG! And I still didn't memorized my
parents mobile number.
James: Gosh! Now, how are we going to go about