wedding items prepared for courthouse

Barely slept Weds and Thurs nights for unrelated reasons. Did not sleep last night. At all. So anxious it's made me sick to my stomach, so anxious I can't sleep. So sick to my stomach it's making my anxiety worse, so sick I can't sleep. So sleep deprived I'm sick to my stomach, so sleep deprived my anxiety is out of control. they all feed into each other and I can't get any of them to give. wedding items prepared for courthouse

So shaky, so cold, so hot, so sick, gut issues, trips to the bathroom every few minutes, thrown up twice, took a hydroxyzine no effect, tried essential oils, took a shower, had a cup of tea, distracted on phone and social media, relocated to somewhere warmer/comfier, talked about it, can't figure out why, cried earlier, nothing helps, nothing lets me sleep.

I'm at my wit's end. Aside from going to town to get nyquil and downing it all, I have no ideas. I think it would clear up with sleep. I hope. I dunno.