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This issue of breastfeeding is a big deal for me. Why? Breastfeeding has not been easy. My son and I had a rough, painful start. Engorgement, on the verge of getting mastitis, finding the confidence to soldier through the pain of extremely painful feedings all while knowing that I'm the ONLY source of food for my son right now, unless I bottle feed him which for me, was not an option. Knowing I had committed to breastfeeding him and if I'm honest, questioning if I could keep ... going. Thank goodness I'm blessed with a husband, midwife, doula and friends reminding me that it would get better, that it would get easier and that I would come out the other side. I'll say it again for anyone not clear, breastfeeding is not easy and it isn't an option for every mother. It also isn't easy to do it publicly. The blood curdling screams of a hungry baby can be very overwhelming for a new mother without the judgment of strangers. I personally have to navigate doing this while filming a tv show pretty soon. All very overwhelming if you know how a to set operates. Whether she chooses to or not, is able to or not, I respect every women's decision and I stand firm in love and support for each and every mother. With world breastfeeding week having ended just yesterday, messages and points of view like this, only inspire me to continue on and advocate for normalizing what is perfectly natural AND celebrating how amazing a women's body is. wedding outfits made of silk

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