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Paul and I spent a fun day at Antiques Roadshow Portland. Met lots of lovely people with interesting items. We got up early to get things done around here before heading out, and left early enough to stop at JoAnne's for some last minute needs for poster making for the fair this coming week.

We arrived just a little bit early at the Portland Convention Center, the first event I've attended there. Sat upstairs above the garage in one of their expansive hallways with a lovely view to the south east and contimplated what we'd learn about the stuff we took. Then spent most of the rest of the day in lines. A really long winding line to get to the initial desk where they assigned us to the appropriate division for our pieces. We could then either spit up or stay together to wait in more lines.

We chose to stay together, and went first to the jewelry line for my pieces. I took some of Grandma Fran's and Aunt Bess's jewelry, as well as my two pieces of Alexandrite. Had to choose only "two" items, but ended up with three sets looked at. Had hoped that the red stone in the stick pin that Mom game me (no idea or origin) was at least a garnet, maybe a ruby, and with no chance in heck, a red diamond. Unfortunately, it's just a synthetic ruby... so at about $25, safe to wear it at any time. My alexandrites, she assured me are als synthetic, mostly due to the setting they are in ("only" silver) and real stones would likely be set in platinum, and be "owned by the Russian royal family". That last comment lessened her credibility with me, but she's probably right about the stones anyway. Oh well.

We might have been filmed for the TV show during that time, as we were in the line of site of the camera while someone else's treasure was being filmed. More likely they were focused in close on the item then, rather than showing background people, but you never know.

We then moved on to Paul's collectibles. He took his Christmas Card from President Nixon, which is worth around $350, and his autographed photos of two of the US astronauts that were involved in the Souiz mission and visited Russia when he was stationed there. One of the astronauts was one of the ones that had walked on the mooon, and his photo and autograph are worth about $150, and the other is worth about $50. The group photo only signed by the second astronaut is worth about $40.

The best part of the day was talking with the other people about their treasures, and about them. The lady in front of us in the collectibles line was born in Camas, and grew up just a few blocks from where Paul did in the Evergreen School district. Because she graduated just a few years earlier than he did, she knew the people that had lived in the house they had bought, so knew exactly where he had lived. Small world.

One couple who were wrapping their Chinese camphor wood chest back up out in the hall on our way out told us about their treasure, and then told us about a lady they'd seen early in the morning, and then later chatted with who had a beautiful Native American Pappoose board from the Nez Pierce. It had apparently been collected by her grandfather, who was the Extension Agent in Idaho in the 1940s and 1950s. Donna Olmstead , if he was in No. Idaho, he might have known Mom. That object was filmed, so we'll have to watch and see if we can get more info. Small world.

None of the people I was next to in the lines was filmed unless it was people in the initial waiting line. There was a guy a few people away who had a GIANT portraiteof a lady in a red dress, "Lady somebody" (they actually had a name), and they believed it to be painted in the 1600s. If true, that's likely to have made it to filming. A lady a couple of people ahead of us at Jewelry had her item snatched up and taken to share with other appraisers. I didn't see it, but while we were standing there, I asked what she had. A Lilque pendant. If "they" decided it was real... that's likely to be filmed. We ended the day with a Chinese-food dinner in Longview (because we didn't want to spend time looking for somewhere in Portland), and got home about midnight! Long but fun and interesting day! Can't wait to see the episode(s) when they air. wedding party guest wears look sexy