wedding wears of linen fabric

avail an all natural an organic vegetable in a juice drinks that may help as an: wedding wears of linen fabric
anti stress
anti anemia
anti aging
regulates bowel movement ...
cleans urinary,circulatory,and digestive system
maintains normal blood presure
remedy for asthma,anthritis,insomia
cardiovascular problem
nervousness and depression
skin problems
enhance immunity against diseases
maintain and enhance your health wellness and well being
provides energy boost and stamina to fight daily stress
regulates normalize and balance the different body system
rebuild weak bones
good for treating heavy menstrual period,menstrual cramps
good for rectal bleeding
good for diabetic patients
good recovery for patient suffering from strokes
good substitute for persons not eating vegetable and fruits
good for eyes,skin, for varicose veins
good as expectorant for getting rid of phlegm
remove toxins from the body
helps prevent ulcer
remedy for fever,nausea,stomach distress
CONVALESCENCE(gradual returnto satisfactory health after an illness
or medical treatment or period spent recovering)
auctericide(destroy bacteria)
remedy for colds,fever,runny nose
TONIC(to feel stronger,more energetic,and generally healthier)
DIURETIC(causing increased flow of urine)
good for urinary tract infection UTI
liver disorder remedy
nourishes breastfeed babies,lactagogue(increase the flow breadt milk for woman)
helps figth and prevent cancer

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