white color garments for graduation ceremony

My white blood cells were ok so I had the 2 types of chemo today. I cant sleep. the Dr. cut my steroids by half so I don't get so much fake energy. But I am still up. So sure I will crash soon.
I told him that I had no idea that my cancer had spread, nor that I have 5 tumors instead of 1. The end is so much closer than I imagined. He had no idea what to say and actually said not one word until I changed the subject. white color garments for graduation ceremony
I have had 3 Dr.s The 1st one retired. I was his first Opdivo patient and he was so excited. He left too soon to find out that the treatment that offered 6 more months to live had bought me 18 months.

Then a Russian Dr. came and he and I butted heads. I made him laugh and he hated it. The first scan he did showed the tumor shrunk by 1/3. No mention of "tumors"
My current Dr. got the case apparently after it had spread and thought I knew. Sorry for such a long message, but I had to explain.