white color prom selections with lace

He checked and checked
He realized how painful the beating is
How hard the stones hit
How embarassing it was without a field
And how nice it could be to have a football field
Players ran from Mansajang to Basse for safety

He played for Starlight
He played for Basse Eleven
He played for Santos
He played for URD regional team
He captained all with seriousness

See him summersault as he scores a goal
See him dress as he goes to play a match
See him drawing the fixtures
See him coaching the young players
He did all with professionalism and love

Ahmat Jaw sowed the seeds of soccer in Basse Santasu
He fought hard to see to it that Basse needed a Nawettan
He built the field,fenced it and raised money for the committee
His organizational skills were rare
His love for football was unmatched

Appearing in full kits
He inspires his opponents
His negiotiation skills brought out Muhammad the Guinean
star who shattered the hope of Manju Football club
He was the first to bring Biri-Biri in the playground in Mansajang white color prom selections with lace
He involved the rich and the poor in football
The nawettan was one in Basse summer

Holiday makers poured in and out
It was Basse that everybody wanted to go to
It were Basse referees who performed well
Saturday and Sunday were always longed for
Players from all over came

See him in the evening
Neatly dressed with his pipe
In black or white suit
Captain more smiled for all
His jubilating skill were unmatched

He meant football
As he meant business
He worked it out
He gained the results
And he shared them out to all from the Gambia