white colored items to wear of the beach

Good morning all...
Today I have something very important to discuss here.
I will like to start by thanking all mothers for being a mother and all fathers for being who they are too and all husbands for being d head and also wives for being d backbone of d family...boyfriends thank u for being wit DAT lady that is known for one wrong or d other and gfs thanks for putting up wit his attitude of scattering d place n helping him shape his life that is if u are such kinda gf ooo. ... ..
I want to bring back our attention on the children in d orphanage and on the street..they suffer alot..sometimes,some of them wish to die,do u know y?
Some orphanage have been turn to a market square where anybody who needs to buy will just drive in n buy a child n bcos of our poor system people don't care on wat d kids are being used for after adoption...some are being trained to b used in committing all sort of crimes,they instigate dis innocent blood n make them commit so many ill things,the child see it as nothing cos he have had a bitter test of life even back in d orphanage or on d street itself...those working there tend to work for money not for humanity,some don't even have love in there hrt how then can they show love to these young blood?some of we mothers who adopt them tend to use them as slaves just bcos is not ur blood...let me tell u one thing even Christ tend to draw them closer to Him cos they are wrapped wit a blessing that only when u show them love,you will qualify to take part in these blessing they are made of....Enough of child domestic violence...let's all arise and stop the act for as we build them so they grow, n if d are being trained wrongly so d grow wit hate full within them and as they grow wit hate so will d next generation b in condemnation for there will b no mercy in committing crime.....I stand against CHild Domestic Violence Today And Always if U are wit me help and share these let's get started from here Friends....Long Live Nigeria and Africa.... white colored items to wear of the beach

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