white outfits looking sexy and sassy

Also to everyone who has heard his "truth"...

To all those who asked in the past 3 years if i was okay, i truely wasnt and heres why:
For 3 years i dated an individual by the name of Floyd whitish. He was mentally, physically, and emotionaly abusive.. he would call me degrading names...push me around...He was the reason i cut all my hair off... when i went to cut my hair all those months ago it took 4 and a half hours because i became so depressed that i stopped caring for myself and my hair was the first to recieve the unfair mistreatment... from months of not brushing my hair my hair had become a huge dread lock....4.5 hours...

Lets move forward a bit to when i had just got home on a beautiful friday afternoon. I had just gotten out of classes and i walk in to floyd pissed off. The first words he said to me were "get your shit and get out" so i calmly just started to collect my stuff so i could pack my things......MIND I HAD JUST WALKED IN I DIDNT EVEN GET TO TELL HIM Ken Smith WAS OUT BACK TO HANG OUT WITH HIM.....Back to the situation i calmly staryed to pick my things up and put them in a bag and floyd rips my peices of clothing out of my hands and threw them across the room. I said you want me gone let me pack my things and ill leave. I tried to pack once more, same thing repeated. I started to cry and scream for him to let me go....i pushed him backward. He then punched me in the stomach and i bent forward he then pushed me to the bed and began to climb up on top of my but i started kicking to try and keep him off of me he then punched me in the stomach again and then in the leg. I screamed stop and just let me go and he had climbed all the way on top of me by now...he began to choke me.... he was going to kill me in this moment if his grandmother did not come into the room to split things up. On june 2nd 2017, i was almost killed by floyd whitish......it was the same day my baby brother was born......

Lets scoot forward a little more..a couple days before my 20th birthday i didnt have to go to work so i decided to sun tan in the front yard, so id been laying out for an hour or so and he comes out and starts yelling at me for not texting him back. but I did I had proof well used to have proof he broke my phone..okay now.. im going through some real life changing medical problem which caused me to require a 24-hour heart moniter on july 25, 2017. We got into a fight because i was on instagram doing a live feed for my followers...well i cut my live session short and he started yelling at me saying I kept trying to fuck all of these people and told me to get my shit and get out again but this time I just grabbed my purse and I tried to leave. he then would not allow me to go in through the back door to exit the house through the front door so I can leave so I tried to hop the fence on the side of the house and he kept pushing me back from the gate. this went on for about 30 minutes back and forth between the back door and the gate. when I was finally able to get myself up on the fence to be able to hop the fence he ripped me down from the fence and threw me to the ground. He then proceeded to rip my Kandi bracelets off my arm and kick my bag of beads across the backyard. white outfits looking sexy and sassy

this is when I began to feel useless and hopeless and started to fall into a downward spiral of depression, but I realized I needed to get myself out of this situation. the following Sunday was the day after our 3-year anniversary, july 30, 2017 i left.

I packed two bags of my belongings and I left.

I then received messages from two of his friends. the messages are pretty self-explanatory.

the photographs that are being posted along with this are the evidence of him trying to kill me. As well as the messages from his "friends".

Thank you to whoever actually read this. it took a lot of Courage for me to figure out what to say.